Our mission is to stimulate future-awareness and address the dynamic challenges of contemporary society by providing tailored prospective systems for private organizations, implementing foresight exercises, and designing foresight tools for policy formulation. We rely on social innovation research and develop future skills for individuals and organizations to promote the understanding of, anticipation of and planning for the future.

Prospectiva’s founders are researchers with over 10 years of professional experience, both practical and academic, in science, innovation and foresight. Our experience draws on our prior involvement in international foresight projects (such as FP6 FutureFood6, FP7 Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact, and FP7 Forward Visions on the European Research Area (VERA)). The team pioneered foresight in Romania in 2005 by implementing the first National Foresight Exercise for Science and Technology, followed by the 2008-2011 White Paper and Vision on the Future of Romanian Higher Education 2025. In 2013-14, we designed and drafted the foresight-based, smart-specialization-aware National Strategy for RDI 2014-2020.

We have focused, in various capacities, on innovation in web solutions, among others by developing an online Delphi tool (Elphi), which has been through several major consultations (usually national in scale), and by deploying semantic analysis and other data analytics instruments in future-oriented exercises.

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