The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation has published the Delphi study resulted from a Europe wide online survey regarding  future technologies, societal issues, and R&I practices. The survey was implemented in project BOHEMIABeyond the Horizon: foresight in support of future EU Research and Innovation Policy that aims to support the deliberations on future Commission proposals for a post-2020 Research and Innovation Framework.

The BOHEMIA study involves three phases:

Phase 1: A literature review and synthesis into a set of scenarios that aim to sketch possible future settings and boundary conditions for the development of future R&I policy and funding.

Phase 2: A Delphi survey to gain new insights into future technologies, societal issues, and R&I practices  relevant for the coming Framework Programme.  The survey engaged over 820 respondents, between May-June 2017. 

Phase 3: Analysis and the deriving of policy recommendations, building on the scenarios, the results of the Delphi and on consultation and public engagement with the findings.

Prospectiva designed and implemented the online consultation platform. The consultation approach is based on the Dynamic Argumentative Delphi (DAD), which Prospectiva has tested in two large-scale foresight exercises.

Bohemia project partners

  • Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Institutul de Prospectiva
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI
  • ISINNOVA, the Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems