March 2018 Project start date: June 2017 Project end date: August 2018


RIBRI – Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer Horizon scanning for radical innovation breakthroughs The goal of this project is to identify 100 technological innovation opportunities for Europe and the world by confronting 100+ emerging Radical Innovation Breakthroughs (RIBs) with 20-25 Global Value Networks (GVNs). The main phases of the project are: To collect and systematise up-to-date […]

March 2018 Project start date: April 2017 Project end date: September 2018

Social Business Initiative (SBI) Follow-Up: Co-operation between Social Economy Enterprises and Traditional Enterprises

The Social Business Initiative adopted by the European Commission in 2011 aims to create a favourable environment for the development of social business in Europe, and of the social economy at large. Following the Council of the European Union’s conclusions on promoting social economy as a key driver of economic and social development, co-operations between […]

May 2016 Project start date: August 2016 Project end date: January 2018


The overarching objective of BOHEMIA (Beyond the Horizon: Foresight in Support of the Preparation of the European Union’s Future Policy in Research and Innovation) is to identify priorities and themes for Future European R&I policy and to provide a description of the issues that should be addressed by R&I policy and funding. The time horizon […]

March 2016 Project start date: January 2015 Project end date: March 2018


Engaging all of Europe in shaping a desirable and sustainable future Citizens provide concrete input for the European Union’s research and innovation agenda. A video presentation of CIMULACT is available here. CIMULACT (Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020) builds on the conviction that societies’ collective intelligence gives Europe a competitive advantage. This intelligence may be […]